low-profile hexagon keyboards.

0x33.board - 48-key MIDI key controller

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The 0x33.board is a 48-key isomorphic MIDI key controller.

It supports USB-MIDI, TRS-MIDI (out only) and I2C. It also has a jack for 1-bit headphone output. The 48 keys of the main note surface are arranged in four staggered rows of twelve keys each. Each key has independent RGB backlighting that can be used to highlight scales, melodies or chords.

Settings can be changed on the device using the menu display and three dedicated menu keys.

The firmware is currently a work in progress (as is this documentation page).


The first batch of 0x33.boards will be available once the next PCB revision is evaluated.

0x33.boards are produced in small batches and manually soldered and assembled by me in Italy. Various materials will be available for the case on demand.


The 0x33.board is certified open hardware. The source for the various components are available as follows: